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Brastemp "You" Refrigerators

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 12 December 2007

The trend of customization shows no apparent prejudice in the objects—from sneakers to motorcycles—available to be designed to fit your specific needs. Now, with the "You" series from top Brazilian appliance maker Brastemp, a refrigerator can be ordered directly online made exactly to your liking. You just need to have the patience to design any number of the 19,000 possible combinations.

Among the chief options are a bounty of beautiful, sleek colors that can be mixed and matched for the fridge's two doors. For further tricking-out, there are compartments that can hold their own separate temperatures, a special ice cream area, a dispenser that discharges canned soda and beer right from the front of the fridge, a wine rack, a place to chill beer glasses (like how it's done in bars), plus a dedicated fruit case. Brazilians are able to choose between voltages, too.


Giving Subzero a run for its money, the customization project obviously aims at those who want the luxury of a fully-loaded appliance and who are also more inclined to care about what their fridge looks like.

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