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Bradley Price: Angle Parking

by Brian Fichtner
on 13 May 2008

For the forthcoming ICFF in New York, Brooklynite Bradley Price was one of eight designers selected by Bernhardt Design to be featured in the ICFF Studio, a new platform for showcasing prototypes during the furniture fair. Bradley's design, "Angle Parking," is a clever take on the ubiquitous—and often boring—bookcase. By skewing the angle of the bookends to 45°, the shelving can accommodate 12½" deep books while protruding only 8½" from the wall.

Four inches may not make all that much of a difference in a suburban dwelling where space constraints have little bearing on furniture selection, but in a metropolis like New York (where apartment square footage is measured down to the single digits) it's quite a bonus. Carrying the 45° angle to the ends of the shelving also allows the design to become a modular system capable of turning both inside and outside corners.


Right now, the prototype is fabricated from grey lacquered MDF and blue upholstered vertical elements, though I think an ideal manufacturing partnership would take this in a direction of mass customization, allowing users to select from an infinite variety of lacquers and fabrics.

Former University of Michigan graduate Bradley spent several years cutting his design teeth in the offices of the Arnell Group before striking it out on his own. One of his first designs to hit the market was the recent "American Comfort Quilt," created in collaboration with Joel Yatscoff and picked up by the West Coast gallery of irreverent design, Citizen:Citizen.

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