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Black Market on Black Friday

The American Design Club's pop up brings once-in-a-lifetime gifts to downtown NYC

by Margaret Kaminski
on 25 November 2010

While pop ups have officially gone mainstream, just in time for Black Friday the American Design Club (AmDC) presents Black Market, a shop filled with clever objects made by independent designers. The event, hosted by Digital Fix at their Culturefix Gallery downtown, opens tomorrow, 26 November 2010, and among the many multiples from the likes of Salvor and Kiel Mead (one of the AmDC's main organizers), will also feature many one-of-a-kind design items that can't usually be found in stores.


From wooden snowflake ornaments to necklaces and rings, the shop—like the AmDC's mission—aims to promote emerging designers while strengthening the existing design community.


Described as a "designer garage sale," the pop-up shop will be selling several pieces never to appear on the market again, as well as prototypes, production runs and classic pieces. Check out a few install shots in the below gallery to get a sneak peek of what's in store. The Black Market store will run through 6 December 2010.

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