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Binchotan Toothbrush

Charcoal helps naturally refresh your mouth

by Karen Day in Design on 22 February 2012


From water bottle filters to ch'i-balancing bracelets, the natural cleansing power of Binchotan charcoal takes on many forms, but Morihata's "black toothbrush" may be the most useful application yet.

The nylon bristles on the polypropylene toothbrush are blended with high-quality Binchotan charcoal powder from Wakayama, Japan, which not only helps eliminate plaque and bad breath, but also prevents unhealthy bacteria from growing within the fibers.

While the handle could be a little sturdier for a hearty brush, we found that the bristles are just soft enough to get the job done without abrading your gums. The counterintuitive black brush head only adds to the fun for frequent cleanings.

The Binchotan toothbrush sells in several colors from Rikumo's online shop, or in white only from NYC shop Occulter and Project No. 8's shop at the Ace Hotel for $6 each.


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