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Best of the Brooklyn Flea: Counter Evolution Bowling Alley Furniture

by Ami Kealoha
on 12 May 2008

by Laurice Parkin

After several visits by our small army of NY-based contributors, today we bring you a few of the best we found at the new Sunday morning ritual of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Flea. Be sure to check back throughout the day to see more of what the new church has to offer.

Bowling Alleys, icons of both Americana and funny shoes, have not been known to be the source of inspired design. But, Jim Malone's Counter Evolution might just have you looking at the home of cheap beer and gutter balls in a whole new light. Malone, in need of a new kitchen counter, found some vintage wood from a bowling alley and became enamored with the continuous grain of the wood and the rich, honey colored heartwood pine. Not only did he create a counter for himself, but a design business was born. Recycling the wood, he created a collection of modern tables, benches and countertops, with names reminiscent of the material's origins: the Spare, the 7-10 split and the Love Tap to name a few. Many pieces still show the telltale signs of the alley—the little directional arrows that guide you where to roll the ball—a cool, knowing wink to the wood's former life.


Malone, a self-claimed "inept bowler" is actually a musician and songwriter by trade. "But, I've always loved turning old found objects into something unexpected, and I've always built things. When I decided to build a log home several years ago, I loved the look of real logs on the interior walls, but I didn't want to make it too rustic. So, I decided to add elements of modern design to the interior—concrete, stainless steel, etc. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with my bowling alley pieces—giving this great old wood a new, contemporary look."

In addition the the Brooklyn Flea, you can see the Counter Evolution Collection at the DUMBO showroom by appointment (call +1 718 512 5285). Custom work is also available.

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