"People want to be surrounded by nostalgic objects and reminded of a simple time."
"The first mirrors were polished stone or metal, which translates into our black glass mirrors, and the idea of vanity."
"We appropriate symbolic objects from the past and recreate them as possessions to be inherited by future generations."
"Revival of the fittest—now that survival is out of the way, what's next?"
"It was also important to take such a bold step, that people would not be willing to imitate what we did."
"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." -Oscar Wilde
"The horn was a pagan symbol, as well as the first discovered drinking vessel."
"We wanted to make it kind of cumbersome...we wanted to bring back drinking as recreation."
"Everything we made, we hope would become an object that would be passed onto future generations."
"Our aim was to distort everyday items typically thought as gender specific."
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New creative studio No. 1 Son teams up with Esque glassblowers for a collection of decadent objects

by Karen Day
on 16 June 2010

Born of a meditation on authenticity, the recent collaboration between design studio No. 1 Son and the innovative glassmakers at Portland-based Esque Studio flirts with scale and fantasy for a collection of modern heirlooms "so exotic and unique, that it truly would be an object passed on to generations to come." Esque artist Andi Kovel continues, the "concept is staged in the future, but just barely into the future."

The beautifully provocative collection is the upshot of both a collective desire to create meaningful objects, and No. 1 Son founder Travis Harvey's carefully considered look at Miles Orvell's book "The Real Thing: Imitation and Authenticity in American Culture." While the project involved months of discourse between Esque partners Justin Parker and Kovel and Harvey (who draws on design chops as head designer of Nike's Pro Combat collection), the anachronistically savage items speak for themselves, standing out for their surprising mix of materials and overall symbolism.

See images of the full collection, including a sling shot, bar travel set, and much more, in the gallery below. For more on Esque Studio, check out our 2007 video of the artists at work making their remarkable glass designs.

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