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Anrealage Fall/Winter 2011

An emerging fashion designer's 8-bit-inspired latest collection and store

by CH Contributor
on 12 September 2011

by Adele Chan

8bitfashion-1.jpg 8bitfashion-2.jpg

Where most go for increasingly hi-def effects, experimental Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga took a deliberately different direction with his label Anrealage, designing the Fall/Winter 2011 line around the concept of low-resolution graphics. Titled "Low" in reference to the throwback patterns, the collection includes skirt suits, coats, dresses, tights and court shoes printed with colorful square blocks, meant to resemble pixelated florals and paisleys. The resulting mosaic-like imagery attracts the eye, giving the illusion that moving further away or squinting might pull the designs into focus. The heels of the shoes are particularly striking—cleverly sculptured to look like miniature, offset blocks—reminiscent of Lego bricks.


An extension of the collection, the motif makes for a strong interior decor scheme in the brand's Harajuku store as well. Entering the space is like falling back into a classic video game from the 1980s (minus the fire breathing plants and teleportation tubes). From the chairs and display table to carpet design and even hanging light bulbs, every piece of furniture appears to be rendered in a few pixels per inch.


Can't make it to Japan? Get a taste with the Low Pixel print tights ¥5,775 (US$74) online.

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