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Superslim body armor and mobile airbags from the leaders of state-of-the-art motorcycle gear

by Seth Brau
on 13 April 2011

For over 40 years Alpinestars has been developing state of the art technology for motorcycling and motorsports safety. From the racetrack to the street to the sketchiest off-road terrain, Alpinestars leads the way when it comes to motorcycle apparel and protective technology.

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The statement, “We believe the best design and research is achieved under extreme conditions,” comes as no surprise, considering Alpinestars products have been through the ringer at the world level, actively protecting top racers in everything from Moto GP to the World Rally Championships. But long before any of their products hit the road, they undergo a laundry list of development and testing.

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With research and development facilities in Asolo, Italy and Los Angeles, Alpinestars' in-house testing laboratories allow their designers and technicians to analyze material construction, strength and flexibility across a wide array of parameters. There’s even a prototype testing facility for measuring the durability of products under insane real-life conditions. Wondering whether your pants will fade? They’ve got a machine that can simulate an entire year of sun exposure in just 24 hours. How will those boots wear? The "walkometer" subjects footwear to hundreds of miles of actual steps in all sorts of varying body weight, stride patterns and surfaces. Couple all the scientific data with the experience of thousands of miles of road testing in the gnarliest of conditions, and Alpinestars can guarantee their products maintain the rigorously high standards the company has set for itself.

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