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Alpha Beta Gamma

Stackable marble blocks for grown-up play

by James Thorne in Design on 22 November 2011


Following the success of his crumpled city maps, which solved the problem of paper by replacing it with durable Tyvek, industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso has now come out with a set of blocks made from Carrara marble, the same material used for Michelangelo's David. Alpha Beta Gamma is a set of three geometric shapes that can be reconfigured into a variety of constructions, like a grown-up lego set.

AlphaBetaGamma6.jpg AlphaBetaGamma5.jpg

Pizzolorusso wanted to create something harmonious and playful, giving people the freedom to design their very own desktop sanctuary. The result is a unique collection of gorgeously cut marble objects that brim with creative potential. The sets are available for pre-order on his website, or you can download technical drawings to make your own blocks (for non-commercial purposes) under the Creative Commons license.


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