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Alba Make Art Clocks

by Ami Kealoha in Design on 10 June 2008


After overhearing hushed dialogues of "I can do that" and "Why not me?" at Montreal-based Furni's last art show titled "Alba Matters", the boys decided to let others have a shot with their latest release titled "Alba Make Art" (or Alba Ma for short). There are only 25 available in this exclusive all white colorway and each clock is packaged with a set of permanent markers to give artists a head start. Send them a picture when all is done and who knows what could happen! Pictured above is artist Frank Lam's interpretation and below are Tim Barnard's (left) and Evan Melnyk's (right) contributions.


Think you could do better? Give it a shot for $88 (and view the rest of the clocks from the "Alba Matters" show) on Furni's site. The clocks from the show are available for $150 each with a third of the proceeds going back to support the artists themselves.


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