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Design Miami 2008: Al Sabah Art & Design

by Brian Fichtner
on 05 December 2008

Easily the most intelligent, holistic and culturally relevant exhibition in the Miami Design District, Al Sabah's debut of "East meets West" was a revelation. The collection consisted of two components. The charming Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans worked with Sabah for several months, traveling throughout the Middle East, in selecting indigenous furnishings to which she later, back in The Netherlands, applied her viral forms of molten glass (see our earlier post here). The resulting pieces, an audacious display of transformation through destruction, were altogether stunning.


Houda Baroudi and Maria Hibri (Bokja) presented a series of furnishings which married modern Western forms (such as a Vladimir Kagan sofa and the Eames Lounge Chair) with traditional Eastern fabrics. The hybrids, often comprised of several different fabric patterns stitched together with immaculate precision, speak to the beautiful complexity of multiculturalism today.

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