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Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre

Legendary wellies-maker Aigle celebrates 150 years at Parisian concept shop Merci

by CH Contributor
on 15 October 2010

by Barnaby Slater

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Soon to monopolize the ground floor of Parisian concept store Merci, the "Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre" exhibition celebrates French bootmaker Aigle's long history. Since inventing the rubber boot 150 years ago, Aigle's wellies have excelled at keeping feet dry and warm without sparing high style.

This exhibition shows off an exclusive series of limited-edition handmade boots in collaboration with Merci founder Marie France Cohen. Every pair is made using a mixture of the signature Aigle diamond point and dust grain textures, and are signed with a dual branding of the Merci medallion and Aigle's leather wings.

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Aigle's take-over of Merci's ground floor also showcases a series of Vicent Leroux photographs taken from behind the scenes at the Aigle Chatellerault factory, as well as a display of vintage Aigle boots from the past 150 years and a "boot-bar" where you can try the limited edition Merci range on for size.


A 3.5-meter-high wooden replica of the classic Aigle children's boot, dominates the center of the exhibition and serves as a playhouse for the little ones' delectation.

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The limited edition Merci boots are available in solid black and brown/black two-tone, and cost €120 for adults and €70 for kids.


The Aigle exhibition "Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre" is up at Merci from 19 October through 6 November 2010.

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