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ZEVS: Visual Attack

by Karen Day
on 26 November 2008

French graffiti artist ZEVS, famous for investigating the relationship between commercialized cityscapes and the public's unquestioned acceptance of it, presents his first solo show this Saturday in Zurich.

Known for targeting omnipresent corporate identities such as IBM, Coca Cola and McDonalds by manipulating their billboards, Zeus brings that same aesthetic to the gallery by transforming the space into an urban setting. Tagging the walls and interfering with the architecture through installations and use of light, he destabilizes the interior and demands questioning of the total acceptance of corporations' representation in our subconscious.

Despite ZEVS’ heavy critique of the silent acceptance of urban surroundings loaded with commercial adverts, his work contains repulsion on one hand and a strong element of beauty and allure on the other.


Visual Attack
Gallery de Pury & Luxembourg
Limmatstrasse 264
8005 Zürich, Switzerland maps
tel. +41 44 276 8020

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