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Wurstküche Exotic Sausage Grill


Wurstküche Exotic Sausage Grill

by Brian Fichtner
on 04 June 2009

Located just blocks from Little Tokyo, in downtown LA's Arts District, the exotic sausage grill and beer hall Wurstküche is raising the bar on comfort food with a menu that includes classics such as bratwurst and hot Italian, a variety of gourmet sausages filled with spices, cheeses and herbs, and exotic options such as alligator and rattlesnake.


Grilled to a steamy perfection and ready to burst, the gents there serve the sausages on a fresh roll with a choice of toppings and mustards.

After a requisite order of one of the more than two dozen German and Belgian beers on tap, patrons adjourn to a sleek but cozy communal-style dining hall to await their food order, which, if placed correctly, should include a side of Wurstküche's double-dipped Belgian fries.

Since Wurstküche doubles as a beer hall (replete with lively indie music), once the meal is finished, it's recommended that guests linger for a couple more beers while the food settles.

Following a delicious weekday lunch at Wurstküche, I took a moment to email partner and designer Joseph Pitruzzelli some questions about the establishment.

Where did the idea for Wurstküche come from?
For the most part, it was one of my favorite meals that I could cook...and mine and my partner's mutual love for the natural combination. The idea was also shaped by different city guidelines and battles that delayed our full spirits program. (It's about to come online and we have an incredible mixologist heading up the bar program.) And [we wanted to] be exotic, exciting and take a new approach to doing it. I lived in San Francisco and saw the potential in the symbiotic relationship between Rosemunds and the Toranado (a great Belgian beer bar), which lent inspiration to creating a new experience that could be appreciated by old German grandparents, baby toting parents and hipsters alike.


When creating the menu, what kind of factors influenced the choice of sausages and beers?

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