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Worm Carnevale

The subversive Bushwick photographer on reversing received meanings through DIY and technology

by Gaspard Nemec
on 15 October 2012

Take teenage sexuality and factor in violence and irony and you get Worm Carnevale. Originally from Florida and now based in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, Carnevale moved to New York in 2008. Whether for film, photography or installation, his provocative imagery combines the obvious with the abstract, comedy with drama and vintage with avant-garde for the power to be at once repulsive and fascinating.

While others have addressed similar themes through sophisticated techniques and a combination of old and new technologies, Carnevale offers new perspectives on contemporary photography. His latest work includes an extensive series of instant film images, 300 of which will be included in his upcoming solo show, "It's NOT a FU#%ING Polaroid," at FUCHS Projects 19-28 October, and at the NUTUREart's 2012 Benefit at Charles Bank Gallery on 28-29 October. Guests will be able to pull the images off the gallery walls and purchase them at the show. With such a curious approach to his art, we talked to Worm on the issues he addresses in his work, his creative process and technique. Check out the interview and more images after the jump

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