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by Jacob Resneck
on 26 August 2009

As Twitter continues its indefatigable march toward digital brevity by limiting us to a scant 140 characters per dispatch, a parody website developer invites us to try something else entirely with their 1,400 character minimum version called Woofer.

The results range from my not-so-thoughtful screed to the downright lazy cutting-and-pasting Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Woofer carries no affiliation with Twitter in any way—a fact the site goes out of its way to make clear for a myriad of legal reasons. Yet after you've composed your 1,400-character rant and enter your Twitter user name (no password required), the site "borrows" your Twitter profile pic, allowing users to impersonate other Twitter users. But given it's a parody site to begin with, who wouldn't take its output with anything more than a grain of salt?

via Network World

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