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I've always been drawn to the ambiguous nature of Geoff McFetridge's graphic design. His distinctive, and highly personal, visual language, built around "logofying ideas," reduce graphical narratives to the point where meaning is largely derived from the viewer's own imagination. Opening this Wednesday at the Redcat Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, an exhibition features his work alongside the veteran visual artist Ed Fella.

Fella's work, while stylistically different, evolved out of a similar need for self-expression. After practicing as a skilled draftsman and commercial artist in Detroit for 30 years, he abandoned the field to take up independent projects. He received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy in 1987 and is currently a faculty member at CalArts.


Intended as a timeline view of two careers, "Two Lines Align: Drawings and Graphic Design by Ed Fella and Geoff McFetridge" explores the ways in which graphic design has evolved into an acceptable (if often debated) form of individual artistic expression. There will be an accompanying color catalog, designed and co-written by Michael Worthington, the exhibition curator. (Click images for detail.)

Two Lines Align: Drawings and Graphic Design by Ed Fella and Geoff McFetridge
Opening Reception: 20 February 2008, 6-9pm
21 February-6 April 2008
Redcat Gallery
Walt Disney Concert Hall
631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012 map tel. +1 213 237 2800


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