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Trust Nobody x Methamphibian

by Leonora Oppenheim
on 06 July 2006

Bread & Butter, a fashion fair that travels between Barcelona and Berlin every six months. This behemoth event is so overwhelming that after just a few hours you feel like screaming to be let out of the warren of mega-brands, wishing none of us would ever have to wear clothes again. That’s why the smaller events happening around town make for better bite-sized morsels of style. The Trust Nobody store and gallery dedicated to limited edition sneakers and skatewear is much easier to take. This month they have a collaborative exhibition with Methamphibian and Nike. Check out the Trust Nobody blog and gallery for the amazing Methamphibian graphics, like the pictured "Pestilence" card. Their four horsemen of the apocalypse are coming to scare the fashionistas away!

Trust Nobody Gallery
Calle Tallers 45, Bj.6
tel. + 34 93 481 45 60

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