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To a T

by Ami Kealoha
on 13 October 2006
Rxmance Sm
Terminus 2-2

Celebrating the humblest of fashion statements, Atlanta's Design Museum will launch an exhibit devoted to t-shirts next Thursday, 19 October 2006. Including several lines you may have previously seen in these pages (co-curator Laura Moody says she often sourced designers from Cool Hunting), the show features the latest in t-shirt design with an emphasis on southern regional designers, like Esperanza, former Sam Mitchell (pictured center), Pecan Pie Couture, Black Black Label and Epidemik Coalition. Also bringing together high-end designers who've embraced the democratic medium, like Marc Jacobs, with innovators such as Project Alabama (known for their quilt-like reconstructed tees) and the hand-written tees of Snerko, as well as others from San Diego-based Rxmance (pictured left, click for detail) to San Franciscans Turk + Taylor and Australian designer Jonathan Nichols, "To a T" offers a diverse mix of t-shirts the world over. More images here.

To a T
Opening: 19 October 2006, 6-9pm
19 October 2006-13 January 2007
Museum of Design Atlanta
285 Peachtree Center Avenue
Marquis II Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303 map
tel. 01 404 979 6455

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