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What began as a joke—twenty tiny presents enclosed in matchboxes mailed anonymously out to friends—is now a full-on project with matchboxes left randomly around the world for strangers to discover. The initiator, a 24-year-old journalist and freelance photographer originally sent gifts so personal that they could safely be tracked back to their sender, motivated by a desire to random act of semi-artistic kindness aimed at disrupting someone's day in a tiny but positive way.


Now, containing everything from tea bags, miniature harmonicas, baby babushka dolls, knitted Spiderman finger puppets, ten-pin bowling sets and a crazy amount of novelty erasers, a blog follows the matchboxes and their locations semi-religiously. Boxes have been left in Sydney—where it all began—to Paris, dropped into the handbags of unsuspecting women, on windowsills and in galleries.


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