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Time Out: Shelf Conscious

by Josh Rubin in Culture on 13 October 2005

All hands on decks. For a true sneaker freak, shoes aren't just something to wear on one's feet. As a nod to his obsession with collectors' kicks, Josh Rubin, editor of design blog, has created pair-o-deez ($10), a sneaker-themed paring card game based on the age-old kindergarten pastime Memory. Test your recall-- not to mention your knowledge of limited edition footwear-- with the 52-card deck, which bears photos of 26 pairs of shoes (all from Rubin's personal collection). When you mismatch the Adidas Tennis Hi with the Adidas Nizza Hi, don't feel bitter-- 25 percent of the cards' sales goes to the Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund, which helps pets abandoned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
--Kate Williams

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