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Tiger Translate

by Tim Yu
on 29 March 2007

With new works from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China, Tiger Translate is a group exhibition featuring 25 emerging Asian artists that are redefining contemporary Asia through their artwork and interpretations. Featuring contributions by Stephen Lau and Jing, among others, the nomadic exhibit is in its second year. Following 2006 stints in Dublin, Shanghai and Auckland, the latest installment, "Merge," opens this Saturday, 31 March 2007, in New York City at Xchange.

With live performances and DJs, Merge includes contributions from the international design collective Surface to Air, creator of interactive light installations James Clar and designer Mary Ping. After Merge (the first installment in this year's series), Tiger Translate moves onto Berlin with "Rise" and brings "Gold" to Berlin.

Visit Tiger Translate for more info and to see images of works by featured artists.

Xchange (at the Terminal Stores)
640 West 28th Street, Floor 9
New York, NY 10001 map
tel. +01 212 967 4500

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