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thisMoment Social Networking Site


thisMoment Social Networking Site

by Nathan Suberi
on 24 July 2009

Encouraging more meaningful interaction than status updates, social networking site thisMoment allows you to create a timeline of your life—adding photos, videos and feelings in an easily navigable format. We recently had a chance to catch up with thisMoment partner Ankarino Lara, who told us more about the site.

Cool Hunting: What inspired you to look at life in terms of moments?

Ankarino Lara: In thinking about our lives, we saw our past, present, and future as this flow from which certain ideas, events, people and emotions rise above the blur. These things that make us laugh, smile, cry, shudder are the fundamental units of human experience, or a Moment. A Moment has context: there's a time and a place, often people, and always emotion and some visualization that makes up a Moment. So thisMoment was really born out of a need to share these Moments of life – stuff that can’t be conveyed in a single image post or a 140 character tweet. It demanded a rich, vibrant aesthetic, and seeks to draw more out of people through the Moment Making process.


There are already a ton of social networking websites out there. What does thisMoment offer to differentiate it from the herd?

We believe that thisMoment is a compliment to all the existing website and services that exist out there, as opposed to a competitor. People are already uploading images and videos to sites like Flickr and YouTube, and they’re already updating their status on Facebook, or tweeting about the latest thing that happened to them - but they really have nothing to show for all of it. thisMoment allows you to link up all of your media and communication services and then easily pull content and contacts into creating Moments. You can sync Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, YouTube, Twitter, and FriendFeed today, and we're adding more in the coming months. The idea is simple: let people pull all the stuff that they've already uploaded to the web to create a beautifully packaged and presented Moment, and then let them broadcast that out to their existing social graph.

So, for example, you can check out one of my latest moments that I created using our Facebook App. It's a moment with me taking my son, Kalyxtomar, swimming for the first time.

And it is able to have it's own manifestation on thisMoment.

And of course there's a version for the iPhone app as well. So I've pulled images in from Flickr, uploaded a few videos, and then posted the URL to Twitter which in turn updated my Facebook status, which broadcasted the Moment to all my friends. That's the circle that we complete for people.


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Check out thisMoment to start your own lifeline.

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