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This Week at Refinery29

by Josh Rubin in Culture on 04 November 2005


Refinery29 reminds us that it's never too early to start mulling over gift options. In a league of its very own, ALIFE/Kangol's 'Il Padrino' Fedora box-set has swept into NYC in frustratingly tiny numbers. Another, less flashy option is Jill Platner , a metalsmith and old-school artisan whose jewelry designs are at once rugged and comfortable to wear. Switching coasts, L.A. hipster designer Alex & Chloe's mixed media acrylic and gold pendants recontextualize silhouetted images, making their necklaces a bold statement for girls and guys. For that classic, New York shopping experience, diamond-in-the-rough vintage jewelry store Pippin has an outstanding collection of estate jewelry and new-old stock that makes a visit to their storefront a time-warping experience.


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