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theAnemix at Harrods

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 19 February 2008

If you were impressed with the holographic effects used at Diesel's runway show last year, you'd be just as taken with the neat 3-D lighting window displays Chilean group theAnemix created especially for Harrods' in-store "Senses" campaign currently running in London. (Click images for detail.)

Architects and designers Ximena Munoz and Paulina Villalobos studied bioluminescence before coming up with their LED lighting system, which was picked up for the Harrods campaign by Blend Design. It works via panels, one luminescent and the other reflective, to create images that look as alive and breathing as you and me.

Six panels were made for the promotion to cover the theme of human senses. Among them, the display for "hear" features headphones with music floating through them and "sight" is a moment in a bright fireworks show. In the "see" category is theAnemix system itself, available for purchase and customizable.

The window displays will be taken down when the promotion ends, on 28 March 2008.

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