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The Deptford Project Cafe

by Brian Fichtner
on 25 June 2008

The creative renaissance and urban revitalization of London continues to amaze. The Deptford Project is a creative program situated in the old railway yard of Deptford Station, the city's oldest passenger only station. To be redeveloped into a new public square by Alison Brooks Architects in 2010, the old railyard and a listed Victorian carriage ramp will serve as the fulcrum for an interim series of art, design, music and film programs.

The first phase of the Deptford Project was realized earlier this month in the form of a repurposed train carriage. Executed by designer Morag Myerscough, the 1960s carriage has been transformed into a cafe serving up sustainably harvested coffee and locally sourced foodstuffs. The exterior, which also serves as a billboard for the project, has been graffitied with graphics pertaining to the neighborhood's unique history. A light-filled interior, replete with custom furniture and vibrant light fixtures, will make for the perfect refuge when the rainy season returns.

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The Deptford Project Cafe
121-123 Deptford High Street
London SE8 4NS map tel.

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