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The Run Up

by Letizia Rossi in Culture on 19 September 2006


The Run Up is the second volume in the series of visual commentaries on today's art culture released in collaboration between Upper Playground and Fifty24SF. The DVD is the follow-up to the 2004 release, Dithers which featured 30 influential artists, designers and photographers. The new DVD features interviews and studio visits with 26 eminent artist including Ryan McGinness, the Heavyweight (HVW8) Art Collective, Herbert Baglione, Cody Hudson, Jeff Soto and Maya Hayuk. Thumbing through high school yearbooks with Maya Hayuk and riffling through Jason Bass' sneaker collection, directors Shaun Roberts and Joey Garfield profile the artists in a series of vignettes with varied settings that reveal the artists' inspiration and personal philosphies. The Run Up functions as a worthwhile historical representation of today's contemporary art movement.

The 2-disc DVD is available for $30 from Upper Playground

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