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The Official Be Stupid Philosophy

Diesel's video explaining why stupidity is so truly smart

by Karen Day in Culture on 19 March 2010

You may have noticed the Diesel ads recently running on CH (not to mention plastered all over NYC), and while we've heard no shortage of criticism from the haters out there, we think the "Be Stupid" campaign actually pretty brilliantly nails a particular cultural moment that's very "now." Based on the notion that without stupid thoughts creativity wouldn't really evolve, Diesel shows that taking a risk and failing is better than a safer, smarter way of doing things.

be-stupid-1.jpg be-stupid-2.jpg

Rarely does an ad campaign manage to inspire us, but the cheeky message speaks to an generally ignored idea that drives some of the best ideas. The pursuit of a "regret-free life" results in incredible stories, endless possibilities, and an overall a brave spirit that doesn't stop dreaming.


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