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The New Old Tokyo

by Lost At E Minor in Culture on 11 July 2007


The 12 million person metropolis of Tokyo has gone all quiet and traditional. Tiny, obscured bars buried in dark alleyways behind nondescript doors are inviting small numbers of trusted patrons to quiet nights of reserved nightlife where a word of mouth invitation is the hottest ticket in this technology-obsessed city.

Recounted through a fine piece of travel writing, Julia Chaplin of the NY Times strayed far from the well-trodden tourist grid to experience the secretive, whispered nightlife chosen by Tokyo's socialites and party set. Embracing tradition and finding respite from an always-on connected lifestyle, Tokyo's fashionistas, artists and designers are secretively guarding their new-found nightspots to enjoy quiet conversation and quality company in a more homely atmosphere than the more common western-style nightclubs and bars.


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