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The Borderline: Enlightenment x Towa Tei

by Ami Kealoha
on 25 May 2007

An exhibition of new lithographs by Enlightenment's Hiro Sugiyama opens tomorrow, 26 May 2007, at the highly–acclaimed Hiromi Yoshii gallery in Kiyosumi, Tokyo.

Sugiyama's lithographs are a wonderfully fresh reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese Hanga prints, with a subject matter far from the traditional. His lithographs include abstract colorful pieces as well as human skulls and imagined modern-day tribe portraits (pictured). Sugiyama works mainly as a fine artist, but his work is also featured on several CD covers and in commercials. The exhibition will also feature an limited edition CD by DJ Towa Tei and one or two art installations.

The Borderline: Enlightenment x Towa Tei
26 May-10 June 2007
Hiromi Yoshii Gallery
1-3-2 Kiyosumi 6F
Koto-ku, Tokyo
tel. +81 (0)3 5620 0555

by Jens Jensen

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