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The Bethlehem Beard Corporation

by Mike Giles
on 18 September 2009

Signed to Swedish label Flora and Fauna, The Bethlehem Beard Corporation consists of a 15-year-old melancholic Swede. Here at CH we’ve been listening to his latest disc When the Beards Met in Bethlehem on a regular basis, enough so that we contacted our good buddy Jonas at the Swedish Model to get some interview questions over to the artist. See his answers below.

I noticed that you play all but one of the instruments on your album, why is that?
Basically that's just the way it ended up. It would have been great to have more than just one main instrumental force behind the music but at the time of recording the album it was easier to layer a bunch of guitars instead of having a full band.

Where does the name come from?
A film that I saw a long time ago. At least I think so. And yeah, beards are cool.

Who made your album art?
The album cover is actually a painting which my two friends painted. Anatol Wyss and Pascal Fogelberg are two very good people and great artists as well.

Is it tough to get shows because of your age?
No, not tougher than it is for anyone else.

How did you get signed to Flora and Fauna?
I'm close friends with Daniel Savio, who used to be signed to Flora and Fauna with one of Sweden's greatest musical gems Hundarna från Söder, and through him I got in touch with Henrik von Euler at the label.

Who are your main influences, both in music and life?
I like Sean Price a lot and I always try to copy scientists when it comes to recording. In life, ehh, anyone who's good with paranoia.


Do you plan on putting together a full band so you can tour?
It would be great to be part of a band and hopefully this project might evolve into something reminiscent of that. When it comes to playing live there are several ways around the "lonely guy with a guitar singing" cliché but for now I'm sticking with it.

What got you into music?
I don't know really. I've always listened to a bunch of stuff, but hearing Elmore James for the first time was cool.

Download "Into Air" and You Will Come Over Soon from Flora and Fauna. Buy the full length release from iTunes.

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