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Terminal 5

by Josh Rubin in Culture on 08 June 2004

The Saarinen designed TWA terminal at New York's JFK airport will house an art exhibit that is curated to respond to the transitory nature of travel. While that description may sound a bit cryptic and recursive, the list of artists who will be showing in this iconic space promises to bring something special.

Terminal 5 is an event for air travel. The airport terminal designed by Eero Saarinen at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, was left vacant in 2001. The site reopens with an exhibition curated by Rachel K. Ward to respond to the transitory nature of travel, architecture and contemporary art. Sculpture, installation, sound, performance and other media take place within the luggage carousels, ticket counters, VIP lounges, staircases and the tunnel walkway. The terminal also hosts an airport media lounge, airport gift shop and ongoing "Arrivals," a series of public events.

Terminal 5 will open 1 October 2004 and runs through 31 January 2005.
11am-7pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Terminal 5 is curated by Rachel K. Ward and includes work from: Vanessa Beecroft Douglas Coupland Kendell Geers Dan Graham Toland Grinnell Fabrice Gygi Mark Handforth Jenny Holzer Ryoji Ikeda Just Another Rich Kid Matthieu Laurette Sean Linezo Jennifer and Kevin McCoy Jonas Mekas Jonathan Monk Daniel Ruggiero Tom Sachs Anri Sala Santiago Sierra Tobias Wong Additional contributions to Terminal 5 include Lewis Baltz and Dean Kaufman, photography and Experimental Jetset, public space design project.


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