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Tattoo Culture

by Ami Kealoha in Culture on 30 September 2005


There are at least four tattoo shops within spitting distance in central Williamsburg. After hearing rumors about one opening a couple doors down from Oslo (my favorite local coffee spot), I noticed someone in the space on the walk to get a morning cup. I went in, introduced myself, told him about Needled and he said, "Oh, Marisa," referring to Needled's editor, "I'll be in her wedding!" It's a small tattoo world after all.

Check out the piece Marisa posted yesterday on Needled announcing Tattoo Culture's tattooist-in-residence program that hosts visiting tattoists from abroad, their award-winning resident artist Tony Styles, and the opening event this Saturday, October 1st, from 5-10pm at 129 Roebling Street.


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