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Studio Visit: Ting

by SummerSeventySix
on 20 August 2006

A few weeks back, we posted a round-up of the bags for guys we most liked the look of, and at the very top of the list were those from London-based Ting. As a result, founding designer Inghua Ting got in touch and invite us round to her West End atelier for a visit.

Tucked away behind Savile Row, the studio is stuffed full of raw materials and works in progress. Old belts, whether vintage ones that were worn around the waist or the safety kind usually seen in a car, share the space with the satchels, wallets and cushions they will eventually be crafted into.

A couple of large worktops are strewn with brightly-colored off-cuts, inspirational pictures or sketches for new products. One which has got off the drawing board and will soon be in production are Ting's seatbelt bags. Surplus gray safety belts from cars are combined with vibrant ones usually found in emergency vehicles and woven into pillows, cubes, a hammock and now bags.

We love what she's doing, and are happy to see her use recycled materials in some of her designs. You can buy products online or check the site for retailers.

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