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Stephen Floyd Drawings

by Brian Fichtner
on 08 April 2008

You don't have to know Stephen Floyd to understand his drawings. If you're easily offended, though, knowing that he's an incredibly kind, amiable fellow might soften the blow. Floyd's drawings, like something from a high school economics student with a wandering mind, can seem innocent and inappropriate at the same time. But underneath the running gags, an intelligent, satirical study of our social and political climate is brewing.

"India-na," a drawing about the country and the state, is an apt commentary on outsourcing cheap labor. Another, "Manifest Destiny," reverses the map of America by way of suggesting the wrongheadedness of our political leaders. According to Floyd, “When you look at a map backwards, it just looks wrong… it's a different way of looking at it, but some of the ways we look at things are backwards.”


Floyd just launched his website over the weekend. In addition to the drawings, such as "Asian Girlfriend" (and you can guess what this one is about), he has images from a new billboard project, which sites the drawings in often remote, rural locations. ("Olive Loaf" pictured above left.) According to Floyd the response has been very positive, “Everyone I talked to thought it was really neat.”

To purchase any of Stephen Floyd’s drawings, send him an email: floyd [at] floydfloyd [dot] com.

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