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Stay Wild Magazine

We speak with the co-founder about the new publication that's dedicated to all things adventure

by CH Contributor
on 28 March 2014

by Eva Glettner

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Stay Wild founders—husband and wife team Amy and Justin Morrison—are self-professed adventurers who live by their new magazine's mission statement. The duo (the former a business planner and the latter a creative director with over a decade of experience) recently hit their Kickstarter goal and now announce the inaugural edition of the already-international Stay Wild Magazine—a free, eco-friendly printed publication that's all about uninhibited exploration of the outdoors.

Excited to further his passion for finding and sharing stories and images pertaining to travel, action sports and outdoor experiences, co-founder Justin (a Canadian-born resident of Portland) took some time to speak with CH about the magazine that encourages readers to live for thrills and visit all corners of the world.

How did you become such an adventurer?

Growing up, I liked the idea of the National Geographic Society more than the magazine. Those badass explorers clubs like the the Cousteau family and Thor Hyerdahl's expeditions totally inspired me to assemble teams and go out adventuring. What those groups made from their adventures—magazines, TV shows, books—those things are just the byproducts of living life to the fullest.

So why start a magazine? And why print?

I can't roll up an online magazine and start a fire with it. Print is real and the best way to experience a magazine. I'm also not a caveman, so the magazine will be online as a daily blog, a video series and a digital edition for people who like pretending to flip through magazines on their touch-screens.

Tell us a little about how you select content.

So far folks (aka a worldwide network of photographers, artist cartographers, athletic foodies and adventurous trouble-makers) have been pitching perfect stories, so "choosing" hasn't had to happen yet. We don't want to have a specialty magazine that just focuses on one topic, like bikes, snow sports or spear-fishing trout. The point here is to have a hub or campfire where all things adventurous can come together.

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You mention the Cousteau family, what about Steve Zissou? Has he had any influence on you?

I cry every time I watch "Life Aquatic." It's a beautiful film. But if you read about the Cousteau family, you'll see how much more awesome their story is. Those yellow beanies we wear are in tribute to the Cousteaus and the inspiration they brought the world. Bonus: the yellow beanies are available as a Kickstarter reward.

The first edition of Stay Wild Magazine will be released this spring at selected venues, in a print-run of 10,000. Keep and eye on the website for updates.

Artwork by Justin Morrison, family portrait by Robbie Augspurger, all others courtesy of Stay Wild

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