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I first wrote about Ludwika Ogorzelec's Space Crystallization Cycle after seeing her show here in NYC last February. Her prolific installation of site specific cellophane lattice has graced a broad range of settings since the series began a couple years ago. The latest... farmland.

Farming With Mary is a Queensland Australia project that brought environmental artists from all over the globe to the farming community. Ludwika installed three pieces, each comprised of about 5km of cellophane, on a farm in Tuchikoi in the Mary Valley Region. She also installed one piece in Noosa Woods. Pictures after the jump.


Img 0168[2]

"mirror" Tuchekoi, Mary Valley Region

Img 0174[1]

"mirror" Tuchekoi, Mary Valley Region

Img 0179[2]

"the shadows" Tuchekoi, Mary Valley Region

Noosa Woods

Img 0073[2]-1

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