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An eclectic group of artists giving a gallery extreme makeovers

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen in Culture on 23 April 2010


Those needing interior decorating tips might find some offbeat inspiration after they see "Rooms", an exhibit opening tomorrow, 24 April 2010, at Scion's Installation L.A. Gallery.


Curated by Roger Gastman, eight artists including Kime Buzzelli and Adam Wallacavage were assigned an area in the 4,500-square-foot gallery to create a room from scratch. "This show requires artists to not just hang art on the wall, but build out an entire room that corresponds with their work. All of the artists in 'Rooms' are able to deal with a more complex concept and are also inventive enough to create a unique experience," Gastman said.

Rooms_Wallacavage1.jpg ROOMS_Wallacavage2.jpg

The results run the gamut. Wallacavage hung his sea-life chandeliers in his room against custom wallpaper, while Dueling VHS' comedy skits will play on a TV in a make-believe basement. Bill Daniel's room interprets a punk-rock teenager's den, and Buzzelli dives into a girl's set-up. The overall concept makes for a refreshing take on traditional art exhibits, allowing fans to see the breadth of these artists' imaginations in a new way.


The show runs till 15 May 2010.


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