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Review: Madonna's Confessions=***1/2

by Ari Bendersky
on 09 November 2005

One of this season’s most highly anticipated albums finally made its way across my desk –- and it hasn’t stopped playing since I got it. Madonna has outdone herself once again. On Confessions on a Dance Floor, the Queen Chameleon did what she should have done years ago –- create a non-stop, no-breaks-between-songs dance remix album.

For years, singles quickly followed up every album that Madonna released with various remixes by the likes of superstar DJs Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhofer, Deep Dish and Tracy Young. And Confessions will likely have the same result, but the big difference here is that the DJs have a dance mix to work off of –- and hopefully take to another, more infectious level.

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