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RESQ/CO Rope Dog Leash

Bare bones accesories made of nautical grade materials for the discerning dog owner

by Graham Hiemstra in Culture on 05 August 2013

RESQ-Co-dog-leash.jpg RESQ-Co-dog-leash-detail.jpg

From print journals dedicated to dogs to digital sensors for monitoring your pooch's activity and health, we've seen some pretty spectacular products aimed at canine culture. And so, handmade accessories don't seem like that far of a stretch. Using sturdy, nautical-grade rope and solid brass hardware, RESQ/CO makes handsome leashes that will stand up to daily use—without corroding—from the beach to the dog park. Available in two widths and three colors, each leash is made by hand from domestically sourced materials in California. While the design is basic at its core, the addition of a small brass keyring near the handle adds extra utility, allowing owners to attach waste bags, keys or other useful items.

As the name implies, RESQ/CO donates a portion of their profits to a different animal rescue shelter or charity each month. The rope leashes sell for between $44 and $50 from RESQ/CO online, where you also find the altruistic brand's second product—adjustable leather collars.

Images courtesy of RESQ/CO


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