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Re:Form School

Artists band together in an altruistic exhibition to help close the American education gap

by Julie Wolfson
on 07 October 2010

The creative and influential group of artists and activists behind Re:Form School have a very specific goal—to transform public schools and help students flourish. Their desire to reinvent the American public education system has inspired countless hours and tireless determination to create a major group art exhibition, as well as a public awareness campaign. From 9-11 October 2010, the Re:Form School show will bring together the work of more than 150 artists including Gary Baseman, Michel Gondry, Simone Legno, Mike Perry, Phil Lumbang III, Ron English, Jermaine Rogers, Joe Ledbetter, Lisa Congdon, Sage Vaughn and Shepard Fairey.

A myriad of school-themed pieces fill the exhibition space, a school building in Manhattan. Eric Anderson is busy filling a chalkboard with his images and words. Mixed-media artist Erik Otto decided to build a school bus created from reclaimed materials. With wheels he brought from San Francisco and driver's seat is fashioned from a wooden school chair, Otto is creating a structure that can be rolled around during the show. Sonja Rasula from Unique LA is turning the principal's office into a store filled with handmade items and unique crafts.


The Re:Form School mission statement offers these words of hope: "We believe every child should be allowed the opportunity to shine and thrive. They should feel safe, challenged and excited to learn. They should be encouraged to bring creativity, imagination and innovation into our future."

Re:Form School is a REDU project aiming to find ways for rethinking, reforming, and rebuilding the education system. They hope this weekend's art show will galvanize communities and encourage support for Urban Arts Partnership, Teach for America, Donors Choose and Rock the Vote.

reformschool2.jpg reformschool3.jpg

Ultimately Re:Form School hopes the show this weekend will motivate people to find teaching and mentoring opportunities as well and to donate their time and money and help transform the education system.

Re:Form School is open to the public beginning 9 October 2010 through 11 October 2010 between the hours of 10am-6pm.

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