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Pure Water Vision

Creativity and one of the world's biggest environmental challenges intersect in a group show

by Greg Stefano
on 23 March 2011

EcoArt uses art as a platform for drawing attention to the environment and surrounding issues. Their altruistic endeavor aims to inspire creativity that will raise awareness through various events and exhibitions, such as their current show "Pure Water Vision." Featuring a collection of works from the ten finalists of the Acea EcoArt 2010 Pure Water Vision competition, artists explore the relationship between man, water and the environment through photography, video, painting, sculpture or performance.

Focusing on the inherent interactions between humans and nature, the artists addressed issues from global warming to biodiversity to the human effect on ecosystems, covering a broad spectrum of issues facing the environment today.


Of the 600 submissions to the competition, 30 will be featured in the next volume of the EcoArt book and the ten finalists will have their work displayed in the exhibit, one lucky winner being awarded €10,000 and admission to the Acea Group Collection. The Pure Water Vision exhibition runs through 5 April 2010 at the Auditorium Conciliazone di Roma in Rome.

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