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Portal by James Clar

by Tim Yu
on 22 December 2008

A new solo exhibition by James Clar in conjunction with the Festival of Light, "Portal" is an installation on display at the Roger Tator Galerie in Lyon, France.


Portal consists of a diffuser screen that acts as an abstract doorway with lines of light that travel back and forth through it, bouncing around the room. As a doorway represents the transition from one space to another, Portal visually displays this moment of change as a 2D plane using the diffuser screen.


Additionally, a sensor at the doorway of the gallery space triggers the lasers to change color as people enter also signifying their transition from the outside space to the inside gallery.

Through 28 February 2009
Roger Tator Galerie
36 Rue D' Anvers
69007 Lyon map
tel. + 33 4 78 58 83 12

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