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Phyto Universe

by Karen Day
on 07 April 2009

Combining the ambiance of a day spa with the technicality of a dentist's office, Phyto Universe is a relaxing way to treat your hair and scalp to full on revitilization.

The "natural beauty oasis" focuses on remedying your roots first by analyzing your scalp using a hair scope, which magnifies the hair and scalp 200 times. From there a Phyto expert identifies the challenges and concerns your hair faces, creating a unique prescription of Phyto's botanical products based on the results from the hair scope.

The real indulgence begins here, in one of Phyto's private treatment cabins constructed of antique wood shutters from a 14th-century French chateau. The technician provides an intoxicating scalp massage while you breathe in the theraputic aromas surrounding you. This is followed by the reposeful application of their plant-based oils, butters and extracts that nourish your hair to silky perfection.

Phyto founder Patrick Alès believes that "There is no such thing as bad hair; there is only poorly treated hair," and has made it his mission to treat the hair and scalp with the utmost care and respect.


One of two Phyto Universe salons in the world—the other in Paris—the space boasts a 3,000 square foot vertical garden containing 9,000 live tropical plants, a physical reminder of Alès and Phyto's commitment to only use the powerful ingredients found in nature.

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Phyto Universe
715 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022 map
tel.+1 212 308 0270

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