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Photographer Cormac Hanley

by Mike Giles
on 10 August 2009

Born in Ireland, photographer Cormac Hanley grew up with an artistic mother who kept a paint brush permanently in his hand. Later years led him to develop a strong background in creative advertising, but Cormac always turned to photography as his ultimate form of expression. We at CH managed to catch up with the France-based lensman on his recent visit to “belle” Montreal, asking him a few questions about his techniques, models and influences.

What brings you to Montreal?
It's probably taboo to come right out with it, but work was slow! Maybe in the current climate I can get away with saying that.

I think its important to remember all the times you've run for 22 hours straight to deliver a perfect job, dreaming of things being a little less manic. So, in quiet times, you've got to use that freedom to feed your creative self. It's the very time to turn up the heat!


How do you choose subjects and what's it like working with new people constantly?
For this trip, I researched model networking sites online and sites like Craigslist. I'm not always looking for an "agency model" look, so casting this way keeps it interesting—from professional models to a nano technology student to a body building musician who'd just cut his first album. All wonderful, interesting people who worked hard with me to create really strong, new work.


Do you have a vision in mind before meeting the model?

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