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Perch! Birdfeeder

by Tim Yu in Culture on 16 March 2007


This has been around for some time now, but with Spring around the corner birds will soon come back into the area and this birdfeeder will keep them coming back for more. Designed by Amy Adams and handmade by Perch! in Brooklyn, it is made of white low-fire earthenware and comes with a 36" vegetable tanned leather cord. Resembling a UFO of sorts, the bird can enter the feeder or perch itself on top to peck at seeds. At 7" in diameter and 5" tall it can hold about 2 cups of feed and is dishwasher safe.

It is available for $78 at Branch Home, an online retailer that is committed to sustainable design and donates 10% of profits to organizations that promote environmental responsibility.


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