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Old Village Hall Boutique

by Brian Fichtner
on 15 December 2009

Now popular enough to warrant a a book on the subject, there's no end in sight for the "dark nostalgia" movement that's taken hold of restaurants, hotels and boutiques the world over. New York's East Village just got it's latest injection in the form of Old Village Hall, a small, affordable housewares boutique started by former Polo Ralph Lauren window dresser Scott Hill.


Hill has assembled a wonderfully rustic collection of goods to transform any urban studio into a cozy country cabin. Naturally, where possible, there's a local angle to most everything on offer. Small batches of maple syrup come courtesy of Moonshine Maple from Bovina, NY; Soap and Paper Factory from Tappan, NY produce handmade soaps; even the stuffed fox (not for sale) was rescued from a dumpster in the Catskills, NY.


A signature element in Old Village Hall comes from Hill himself—incidentally, he voiced the character of Jonny Klebitz in Grand Theft Auto and moonlights in a band—who has designed and produced a fetching series of hand silk-screened cushions and upholstered seating, all of which bear quotes from famous literary figures (such as Edgar Allan Poe, top left image). Large pillows range in price from $120-155, dining chairs run $300 for a pair and an upholstered easy chair (above right) sells for $850. (Click all images for an expanded view)


Old Village Hall
170 East 2nd Street
New York, NY 10009 map
tel. +1 212 677 7307

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