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Nublu Orchestra

by Tim Yu
on 11 April 2007

A club, record label, band and movement all-in-one, the Nublu Orchestra is committed to developing and creating new sounds and music. The Lower East Side institution is comprised of talented musicians from jazz, funk, pop, fusion, Brazilian, R&B and classical genres, "but the music we make is none of these," comments Butch Morris, conductor of the Nublu Orchestra.

On the recently released self-titled album, Morris conducts band members from Amazon.

Nublu Orchestra will play at Nublu every Monday in April at 10 pm. They will also be playing with the Sun Ra Arkestra, another band offering unique philosophic twists, this Friday 13 April 2007 at the Paul Robeson Theater in Brooklyn, NY. Click here for more information.

Paul Robeson Theater
40 Greene Avenue
Broooklyn, NY 11201 map
tel. 1 718 783 9794

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