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Nothing Happens For A Reason

Tobias Rehberger's mind-bending optical illusions take up residence at a Finnish cafe

by Karen Day
on 15 February 2011
nothinghappens1.jpg nothinghappens2.jpg

German artist Tobias Rehberger likes to shake things up. Since stepping on the scene 15 years ago, he's turned to a variety of mediums to toy with perception, consistently challenging his audience to see the "things which cannot be seen." His latest work transforms the interior of a cafe in Finland's cultural capital Turku into a mind-boggling display of criss-crossing lines, an installation he conceived in collaboration with Artek.


Logomo Cafe, as it's called, is the second collaboration between Rehberger and Artek, and a more subdued extension of the first. In 2009 the creative Finnish design studio tapped Rehberger to draw on the decorative WWI "razzle dazzle" style of painting to create a "visually disorienting environment" for the cafeteria at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Debuting at the Venice Biennale, the dizzying array of harsh black and white stripes and contrasting geometric furniture made for a Beetlejuice-like effect, winning him a Golden Lion award.

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While the Logomo installation draws on a similar palette and stripe-obsessed sensibility as the cafeteria, this time Rehberger came up with a more airy design, using longer lines throughout the space, extending them onto the windows and accenting only with neon orange.

The Rehberger installation will be on view through 18 December 2011 at the Logomo Cafe in Turku, Finland.

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