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by Wendy Dembo
on 11 March 2008

"Nomadaz - A Mediterranean Art Connection" features artists from Italy and Spain: 108, Microbo, Bo130, Dem (pictured at right), Eltono, Nano 4814, Sixe and Nuria Mora—for some it was their first time in sunny L.A.

I really enjoyed the two collaborations in the show both by a man and a woman. One was by Nuria Mora and Eltono of Spain (pictured below), who made and decorated a little Favela-like house using recycled materials and the other was by Microbo and Bo130 (pictured after the jump with others), who worked next to each other using wheat paste and paintings. (In graffiti or street art shows it is not unusual for the artists to work together and share wall space.)

As the charming Microbo said, “We grew up together and share a technique, but are totally different. Shows like this offer artists the chance to work together.”


Curated by Pablo Aravena, the filmmaker of "Next: a primer in Urban Painting," he said that "while filming the movie, I met some artists whose work really dazzled me. And this was an opportunity to bring together people, who I thought would compliment each other. "

Through 29 March 2008
Scion Installation LA
3521 Helms Avenue
Culver City, CA 90232 map
tel. +1 310 815 8840

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